Campaigning to curb supermarket power

Kingsbridge, Devon

In May 2010 Tesco submitted a new planning application for a 3,716 sq m store on Poplar Drive in Kingsbridge. The Town Council voted unanimously in their recommendation for refusal of planning permission on the grounds that certain specifications, including a tower lift to Fore Street, had not been met, and that changes in the town meant the supermarket was no longer necessary.

Tesco held planning permission to build on the site until July 1, 2010 and they started work on the new Tesco store on 3rd July which meant they didn't need to submit a renewed application.  Please see reported.

Members of the public have been vocal in their disapproval of the new application, which is the same as the original application submitted in 2007 without the environmentally-friendly changes put forward in 2008

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Campaign Updates
Kingsbridge, Devon

28 March 2013